Impinj R700 Reader FCC Model Transition to FGX Model

This is a formal notification that Impinj has transitioned the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID FCC region reader model to the FGX global reader model which supports both the FCC region (USA/Canada/Mexico) and countries that utilize parts of the 902-928MHz frequency band, such as China and Brazil.

With flexible support for global frequency bands, including FCC, the Impinj R700 FGX global reader model enables Impinj partners and end-customers to minimize complexity and maximize efficiency of deploying multi-national enterprise RAIN solutions. The FGX reader model has the same performance as the FCC reader model.

The Impinj R700 FGX reader model is available now. The Impinj R700 FCC model is no longer available.

Applicable Product

Replacement Product

Product Name Product Number Product Name Product Number
Impinj R700 Reader, 4-Port, FCC Region IPJ-R700-141 Impinj R700 Reader, 4-Port, FCC and GX Regions IPJ-R700-341


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