Impinj Speedway R120 Reader End of Life (EOL) - Product Notice

On December 11, 2020, Impinj began the End-of-Life (EOL) process for the Impinj Speedway R120 RAIN RFID reader. This Product Notice sets the official timeline for the rest of this product’s lifecycle.

The objective of providing this notice is to allow for appropriate planning and the opportunity for last time purchases. This notice also provides details about an alternative Impinj reader for your consideration.

Please note the critical milestone dates in the table below and take the necessary steps to meet your requirements.

The minimum order quantity for the Impinj Speedway R120 has been increased to 6 units. The standard terms and agreements will be honored with the exception that all orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable once placed.

Applicable Products

Impinj Product Name Impinj Part Number
Impinj Speedway R120 (FCC) IPJ-REV-R120-USA2M1
Impinj Speedway R120 (ETSI) IPJ-REV-R120-EU12M1
Impinj Speedway R120 (GX2) IPJ-REV-R120-GX22M1


Milestone Date Definition
End-of-life process start date December 11, 2020
  • Impinj is no longer offering extended warranties on the product
Last date to place orders with Impinj June 11, 2021 Above, plus:
  • Impinj can no longer take orders for the product
Last date of shipments from Impinj Dec 11, 2021 Above, plus:
  • Impinj is no longer shipping the product
End of support December 11, 2022 Above, plus:
  • Impinj no longer provides technical support, including firmware bug fixes
  • Impinj no longer supports the product in new firmware, development libraries, and software utility releases (older releases will be archived>

Alternative Products

As an alternative, Impinj recommends the Impinj Speedway R220 RAIN RFID reader. The Impinj R220 supports a higher maximum transmit power of 32.5 dBm, subject to regional regulations, compared to 30 dBm on the Impinj R120. The Impinj R220 matches the Impinj R120 on read rate, receive sensitivity, processor speed, and on-reader memory. For a detailed comparison with the Impinj R120 reader, please view the product brief.

Supported regions Impinj R120 Part Number Impinj R220 Part Number

If you have questions, please contact your Impinj sales representative or the Impinj Support Team at

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