How to use an Impinj Reader with an external Cellular modem

This step-by-step article will explain how to configure our Impinj R700 and Speedway Revolution readers (and gateways) to use a cellular modem. This is one example of how you might setup these specific cellular modems to provide networking to Impinj readers.

Impinj has tested the following modems:

  • NETGEAR(R) LTE Modem LB1120
  • NETGEAR(R) LTE Modem LB1121

This tutorial uses the Netgear Modem LB1120 to provide network routing capabilities via ethernet so the readers can communicate out to the internet.


Step 1: Purchase the appropriate SIM card

  • Purchase the appropriate SIM card for the device
  • Insert the SIM card
  • Follow the instructions for how to insert the SIM card.

Step 2: Plug in the NETGEAR(R) LTE Modem

  • Plug in the power adapter to the NETGEAR(R) LTE Modem and the wall outlet
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the NETGEAR(R) LTE Modem and your computer
  • Turn ON the NETGEAR(R) LTE Modem
  • Press the button the back of the NETGEAR(R) LTE Modem for turning on the power to the unit.
  • Login to the Administration Page


  • Use the default password located on the modem label.


  • We recommend upgrading the cellular modem firmware to the latest version available.

Step 3: Setup the APN information

  • Select the Service provider ("Other").
    • Click the "Submit" button.


  • Enter the Name.
  • Enter the APN.
  • Select the Authentication.
  • Select the PDP.
  • Select the PDP Roaming.
  • Click the "Save" button.


  • To make it active, select the radio button next to the APN you just created.


  • On the left-hand side, you should see a status of the SIM card connection. If it says "Internet Disconnected", click the Connect link to establish the connection.


Step 4: Configure the mobile settings to always turn on

  • Click the "Mobile" Tab at the top of the screen.
  • Choose "Always" for Auto Connect.


  • Click the "Submit" button.
  • Click the "Submit" button again.


Step 5. Attach the modem to the reader

  • Remove the Ethernet cable from your laptop.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable of the cellular modem to your reader.
    • The reader needs to be powered either via DC for Impinj Speedway readers or with a PoE midspan injector between the Modem and the Impinj R700 Reader.
  • Your Impinj reader should now be able to communicate over the cellular connection.


Q: Is it possible to reach the Impinj reader via IP address?

A: Most of the IoT services from carriers do not have a static IP addresses. Instead they assume that the device will communicate to services on the internet, but this is up to the carrier.

For example, here is a quote from AT&T IoT support: “Can I access my device remotely? For most devices, the answer is no. Each device is given a point-to-point private and dynamic IP address, which allows it to communicate with services on the Internet, but not the other way around.”

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