End-of-Support Notification for Impinj ItemSense System Software - Product Notice

This is a formal notification that Impinj is initiating the end-of-support process for the Impinj ItemSense system software. The objective of providing this notice is to allow for appropriate planning and the opportunity for last time purchases.

Applicable Products

Impinj Product Name Impinj Part Number
ItemSense Base Software Charge (Perpetual) IPJ-IS-SERVER
ItemSense Speedway Reader License (Perpetual) IPJ-IS-SPEEDWAY
ItemSense Gateway License (Perpetual) IPJ-IS-GATEWAY
ItemSense Upgrade Maintenance Package per Server (Per Year) IPJ-IS-1-YEAR-SERVER-MAINT
ItemSense Upgrade Maintenance Package per Speedway (Per Year) IPJ-IS-1-YEAR-SPEEDWAY-MAINT
ItemSense Upgrade Maintenance Package per Gateway (Per Year) IPJ-IS-1-YEAR-GATEWAY-MAINT


Milestone Date Definition
End-of-support process starts December 14, 2020 As of this date:
  • Impinj continues to provide technical support, including software maintenance releases for bug fixes, to licensed users covered under the maintenance term of the license agreement
  • Impinj continues to sell perpetual licenses, which include the first year of maintenance. Impinj no longer sells upgrade maintenance packages
  • Impinj will limit availability of evaluation licenses
  • Impinj no longer provides new features, including ItemSense support of new Impinj readers and gateways
Last date to place orders with Impinj Dec 14, 2021 Above, except:
  • As of this date, Impinj no longer sells perpetual licenses
  • As of this date, Impinj no longer provides evaluation licenses
End of support: product is no longer supported December 14, 2022 Above, except:
  • As of this date, Impinj no longer provides technical support or software bug fixes to licensed users

Alternative Products

This end-of-support notification reflects the evolution of the Impinj software roadmap and offerings. Our new software roadmap focuses on building edge intelligence onto our readers and developing future cloud services that Impinj will deliver. We will leverage our partner ecosystem for data processing and system management software, as we transition away from building standalone, on-premise software like Impinj ItemSense. We believe this focus will accelerate our ability to innovate and provides more opportunity and value for our partners to build IoT solutions on the Impinj platform.

Impinj introduced ItemSense software in 2015 to 1) solve RAIN use cases using advanced software algorithms and 2) simplify RAIN deployments via system management and control, including device and data management.

As an alternative for the first function, Impinj is building software algorithms onto our readers and gateways that generate real-time data for a wide range of inventory and transition use cases. We have found that migrating the software algorithms onto our readers and gateways improves system performance, lowers total cost of ownership, and simplifies device set-up and tuning.

For data management and system control, the Impinj Partner Network includes partners that are delivering software products that provide data processing and system management that easily integrate RAIN RFID into end customers’ operations. These partners are utilizing a modern IoT device interface for seamlessly delivering this data to IoT applications, as well as simplifying system setup and tuning.

The new Impinj R700 reader showcases the beginning of our software evolution with the new Impinj IoT device interface that natively supports REST APIs and industry-standard data protocols, including MQTT, to integrate with partner IoT applications and platforms seamlessly and securely. The Impinj R700 reader also enhances support for on-reader applications with 10× the processing power and 16× the on-reader memory of the Impinj Speedway reader.

For additional details about Impinj’s software roadmap, please read the recent Impinj Software Roadmap blog post published on the impinj.com website.

If you have questions, please contact your Impinj sales representative or the Impinj Support Team at support@impinj.com.

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