Software update available for Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 Reader Chips

Impinj has released version 2.0 (v2.00.00) of the Impinj reader chip SDK and Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 reader chip firmware. This version improves SDK portability and usability, adds additional features, and includes fixes for known issues that may affect devices built with Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 RAIN RFID reader chips.

For more details on migrating from previous versions to v2.0, please see our Impinj Reader Chip v2.0 SDK Migration Guide Application Note

Change overview:

  • Enhanced SDK portability and usability reducing development time to market:
    • Reduce Linux API calls to port to bare metal and other RTOS more easily
    • New Operating System Access Layer (OSAL) enables easier insertion of operating system primitives.
    • Host library includes use cases and modules that help developers understand the purpose of source files and optimize their program structure, thereby reducing processor memory requirements in some applications
    • Ability to modify calibration file format providing developers with more flexibility in the reader calibration process
    • Improved host library error reporting with a new error handler, providing more consistent information and customization
    • New dynamic region configuration allows modifying region parameters at runtime thereby improving flexibility and reducing code space usage
    • SDK Code examples for use with Impinj tag features including Enhanced Integra and MarginRead
    • New Python script to automate compiling of C SDK and examples
  • New Features and Performance Improvements:
    • AutoSet reader mode sequencing allowing device OEMs to cycle between reader modes for variable environments to optimize reader performance without manual reader mode changes.
    • Two new reader modes for the Japan Region providing speed vs. read sensitivity optimization in retail applications
    • Faster LBT algorithm with improved rejection and with use case example
    • New EU Region ETSI lower band reader mode with higher read sensitivity at fast read rate
  • Fixed Known Issues
    • pc_cal_test script extract failure - PI-29865
    • Multiple Select command with RF mode 244 issue – PI-30623
    • RSSI error with multiple antennas – PI-32658
    • Continuous inventory round issue – PI-26990
    • Aggregate operation error checking – PI-27961
    • Duplicate GPIO identifiers issue – PI-32288
    • Tag Select filtering when using TagFocus – PI-32416

These changes apply to version v2.0 of the Impinj reader chip SDK and Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 reader chip firmware, which can be downloaded from this article. We encourage partners to integrate, evaluate, and go to production with this version. For instructions on how to update the FW and SDK on your readers, please see the Impinj E710 Development Kit User’s Guide.

If you have questions about upgrading to the newest SDK and firmware, please contact the Impinj support team (

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  • 2023-08-24 update: Updated SDK+FW version to v2.0 (v2.00.00)

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