Software update available for Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 Reader Chips

Today, Impinj released version 1.2 (v1.02.00) of the Impinj reader chip SDK and Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 reader chip firmware. This version includes a new reader mode, performance optimizations, additional improvements, and fixes for known issues that may affect devices built with Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 RAIN RFID reader chips.

Change overview:

  • New Features
    • Added Reader Mode 202 with 15 µs TARI
    • Added Listen Before Talk (LBT) Operation in Firmware
    • Added Disconnected Antenna Detection in SDK
    • Added Extended Protocol Control (XPC) Interpretation in SDK
    • Added new code examples: Authenticate, Analog sensors, Power modes
    • Added Drop Query functionality with reduced Query power for controlled reads in Firmware
  • Performance improvements
    • Reduced PC calibration script time duration by >75% to ~47 seconds
    • Added Low Power Optimizations and example in SDK
    • Added Transmit Power Droop Compensation in Firmware
    • Improved Reader Mode 103 read rate by ~3%
  • Fixed Known Issues
    • FW no longer occasionally becomes unresponsive during continuous inventory (PI-28188)
    • SDK no longer has large TX power error when target is out of range (PI-28457)
    • FW no longer has erroneous slot classification in some RF Modes (YUKON-6430)
    • FastID feature no longer mis-classifies an EPC as an empty EPC with a TID attached (PI-27567)
    • SDK workaround added to mitigate TX Power overshoot at ramp up (PI-27139)
    • FastID no longer causes certain tags to not respond to inventory (PI-29082)
    • SDK now enforces regulatory channel off-times (PI-28439)
    • SDK no longer starts inventory multiple times concurrently (PI-27466)
    • SDK EBV calculation errors corrected (PI-27282)
    • PC calibration script now runs without requiring any modifications (PI-27639, PI-27641)
    • SDK can now make with BUILD_BASE specified (PI-28284)

These changes apply to version v1.2 of the Impinj reader chip SDK and Impinj E910, E710, E510, and E310 reader chip firmware, which can be downloaded from this article. We encourage partners to integrate, evaluate, and go to production with this version. For instructions on how to update the FW and SDK on your readers, please see the Impinj E710 Development Kit User’s Guide.

If you have questions about upgrading to the newest SDK and firmware, please contact the Impinj support team (

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  • 2022-06-15 update: Updated SDK+FW version to v1.2 (v1.02.00)

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